Premier Sports is partnering with LaLiga to bring the best coverage ever of Spanish football to fans in the UK and Ireland. The launch of LaLiga TV available through Premier Sports means every game will be available on 1 channel. It also means both Serie A and LaLiga are available in 1 place for the great price of £11.99 a month or £99 per year.

Here are some Q and A’s that may assist you to understand better the coverage

Q: How long is the agreement?

A: LaLiga will be carried via Premier Sports until at least the end of 2022.

Q: When will coverage begin?

A: Premier Sports 1 and 2 on Sky, Virgin TV and the Premier Player will begin carrying games from Friday the 13th of September.

Q: How many games will be shown?

A: 18 live games will be shown with 2 delayed (due to UEFA UK blackout restrictions at 3pm on Saturday’s) over the weekend’s of 13th September and 20th September.

Going forward week’s when PRO14 rugby is on over a weekend on Premier Sports the number of live LaLiga games will reduce to a minimum of 4. When PRO14 rugby is not on all matches will be shown. PRO14 rugby is on 50% of weekends until end of 2019. Every game not shown live will be shown delayed.

Q: When does the LALIGA TV channel launch?

A: LaLiga TV (HD) is the 24/7 high quality channel featuring every game from LALIGA live (other than the blackout games) along with quality highlights/review/preview studio shows. It will be available via the Premier Player by October 18th, 2019 followed by a launch on the Sky Platform in January 2020. Discussions are taking place to work out the timeline for a launch on Virgin TV.

Q: What are the options for subscribing to get LaLiga TV via Premier Sports?

A: Customers who sign up to Premier Sports on the Sky Platform will automatically get free access to this channel on the Premier Player in October and on the Sky Platform in January 2020. The option to choose LaLiga TV as a standalone channel will also be available on the Premier Player in October followed by the Sky Platform in January 2020. Virgin TV to be confirmed.

A: Will LaLiga TV be available in Ireland?

Q: Sky Ireland sell Premier Sports in Ireland. It is expected LaLiga TV will be added to Sky ROI EPG but this is yet to be confirmed.

Q: How much do I have to pay when LaLiga TV launches?

A: When the new channel launches it will be available in 2 forms. Either bundled as part of Premier Sports 1 and 2 HD for £11.99 per month or £99 per year or you can also choose to take just the LaLiga TV channel only which will be priced at £5.99 per month or £49 annually. 

Q: I am an existing Premier Sports customer. Do I have to pay more for access to LaLiga TV when it launches?

A: No, the great news is you will get access to this channel automatically when it launches on the Premier Player and later on the Sky Platform. We will have an update on Virgin TV Premier Sports customers soon once a timeline is established with them.

Q: When LaLiga TV launches will Premier Sports still carry coverage of games?

A: Premier Sports 1 and 2 will show LaLiga matches until the new channel launches on the Sky Platform in January 2020. When this launches on all platforms there will be no need for Premier Sports to carry LaLiga games as they will all be available on a dedicated channel available as part of Premier Sports or standalone.

Q: If I subscribe to the Premier Sports (on Sky) or Premier Player package at £11.99 per month, can I swap/change it to the LaLiga TV package when it launches and how do I do that?

A: You will need to cancel 1 service before resubscribing to LaLiga TV on its own. 

Q: Will LaLiga TV be available to commercial premises?

A: Yes it will be available as part of Premier Sports bundle or as a standalone channel. For enquiries call 0871 222 8484.

Q: Is the new LaLiga channel going to be in HD?

A: Yes it will be HD on every platform.